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Legal practitioners

William Nyirenda & Company provide comprehensive legal services. This firm exists to represent clients, advise them, and to be their advocates. Their professional team of advocates provide strong, consistent, client-focused, high-quality legal services designed to meet clients’ commercial and business needs.

  • Deliver high level of proficiency
  • Legal services designed to meet clients’ business needs
  • Confidentiality is at the core of the Solicitor/Client relationship

Commercial law

Companies and business owners can engage William Nyirenda & Company for litigation support as well as transactional and regulatory legal services. With a strong understanding of corporate and commercial law, their team delivers a hands-on business focused service that provides solutions to the client’s real world problems.

  • An extensive range of corporate and commercial law services
  • Solutions that will protect your business
  • Company has worked with many business owners

Dispute resolution

William Nyirenda & Company provides a wide selection of mediation services for people and businesses to resolve their conflicts. This is a great alternative to going to court however parties are free to go to trial. William Nyirenda & Company is committed to ensuring that all parties reach common ground and resolve their dispute in an amicable manner.

  • Mediation services for individuals and businesses
  • An alternative to going to court
  • Service is easy to access, affordable and confidential